GRACE for Researchers

This page is intended to give an overview of GRACE for researchers. GRACE only can provide modest support for research; you might also wish to look at other resources the Division of Information Technology makes available to researchers.

What GRACE can provide is a modest amount (on order of 10-20 GB) of shared data storage, and/or some modestly powered virtual linux machines for computation purpose. These are GLUEd linux boxes and have the full GLUE software suite available to them.

To request GRACE resources for research purposes, go to the web-based management tool and request a GRACE project space. Please be sure to include in the description of the project what the goals of the research are, what your data/computational needs are expected to be, and why you need the GRACE research space. Insufficient information will just initiate email questions and delay the process.

Students should NOT attempt to register for GRACE project spaces. These are intended for faculty and research associates. If you are doing research with a faculty member and think a GRACE project space would be useful, have your faculty advisor request the space on your behalf.

Once a project is created, you can use the same web-based management tool to request access to the space for colleagues at the University.