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Oral Communication: Principles and Practice                   


This course is a multi-section hybrid basic course on the communication process, intrapersonal communication (including listening), interpersonal communication (including conversation, interviewing, and group interactions), and public communication (including informative briefing and persuasive speaking). The course meets the communication needs of a wide range of students enrolled from throughout the university each semester. The sections are taught by instructors from the Department of Communication.


COMM107 Textbook webpage This link opens the textbook webpage where students can explore valuable information related to the textbook.
Comm107 sections   


This link opens the University of Maryland schedule of Comm107 sections.
Master Syllabus 


This link opens the master syllabus for all instructors teaching Comm107.
Instructors' Syllabi


This link opens individual Comm107 instructors' syllabi and information.
Course Director


This link opens Professor Andrew D. Wolvin's homepage.
Sample Work


This link shows examples of past Comm107 papers and projects.
Media Center This is a link to the new Media Center in Skinner room 2117.


SONA is an online program that provides students with an easy method to sign up for research studies.
Citation Style


This is a link that shows how to cite in a proper APA style format.
Instructors only This is a link to information for all Comm107 instructors.