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Secondary Level

Gladys L. Arrington  FL supervisor in Portsmouth, VA.  Her site contains links to resources for educators, parents and students.  Many of the resources are for use in class, others are useful for enhancing curriculum, teacher professional growth, or for obtaining cultural  information about a target language - note: this link often has problems connecting
Michael Anderson A Spanish and ESL teacher in Houston, TX.  This site offers a complete Online resource guide for Spanish, bilingual and ESL teachers including lesson ideas, country & culture info, Spanish links, teaching positions, and teaching materials.
Marilyn Barna- DeWald  This site offers links to Spain and the Americas as well as Search Engines in the Spanish-speaking world. There are links to Publisher's Internet Resources, Web addresses of schools in Spain that participate in the Ministry of Education's Nuevas Tecnologias project, and resources for students, teachers, and parents.  Come visit and if you like what you see please add a link to your page.
Deb Blaz a French teacher in Angola, Indiana. Site contains a big grammar review section and a vocab review section, as well as links to other sites.
Devin Browne  Russian & French teacher in PA.  This site offers links to schools offering Russian as well as a link to his department site.  Devin has also created a site called Famous Bilinguals and Multilinguals.
Kathleen Bulger  Spanish Teacher in Michigan; page includes a chat area, links to Spanish resources, class projects and much more!
Olga Burtnett  a Spanish teacher in South Carolina.  She maintains a page for her Spanish III, IV and AP students as well as links to fun sites and great resources for upper level classes.
Stephanie CampbellAuthor of "Cuentos de Ensalada, A Soap Opera for Spanish 1 & 2"
Kerry Chamberlin Spanish teacher from New Hampshire. This page contains newspaper links to many countries hispanohablantes, live radio links, as well as links to other Spanish teachers' pages and information for high school students. (dead link)
Beverly Clinch  Spanish teacher in South Carolina.  Site includes webquests and she also has another page for web based  Student Created Projects.
Diane ColozziFrench teacher located in Massachusetts. Site contains her student's electronic portfolios for their French IV class.
Tom Duggan  A comprehensive listing of Spanish sites on the World Wide Web. Included are sites on how to learn the language, bi-lingual dictionaries, tourism sites, Spanish language search engines, recipes, schools, and teacher and student resources in Spanish. Also don't miss Tom's HTML tips and links and his site, PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish class.
Oliver Dunn A high school Spanish teacher in Illinois. Click on "Department Pages" and then Foreign Language.
Christine E. Dunne A Spanish/German teacher in Webster, NY.  Her site includes performance tasks for many topics (including many student samples) that she has used with her 8th and 9th grade, levels 1A, 1B, and Accelerated German and Spanish Students. (dead link)
Joyce Dustin Demientieff   A Spanish teacher in Alaska, Joyce's site contains posted lesson plans, country-by-country links, pictures of
previous special spanish class events, resume, Día de los Muertos links, and pictures of her classroom.
Parthena Draggett  Teaches French and Spanish at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio
Debbie Espitia  Instructional Leader located in Howard County, MD.  Debbie has great resources and sample projects for her Spanish classes.
Allison Flowers  French teacher in Mobile AL, site to include things of interest in FL, writing, and IRC.
John B. Garvey  A French teacher in Urbana Illinois, John's site includes resources for French I & II classes.
Helen Gilbert   maintains this site for her students in Beaumont, Texas.  There are links for French, German, Latin, jokes, tongue twisters, literature, history, music and much more for Spanish.  She also has a section for chat and Web Cams.
Kristy Glenn Teaches Spanish III/IV, VII/VIII at Clarkston High School in Michigan.
Matt Hamlyn  A French and Spanish I teacher in Kentucky.  Don't miss his "Cool Stuff" link for some great power point presentations.
Don HoughtonEditor of Tongues Untied, a collaborative forum for Modern Language teachers.
Sandra Howard Maintans pages for French I through 4/AP on the secondary level.  French I-III is based on the books Discovering French Bleu, Blanc & Rouge. She is located in California.
Nancy HudsonAuthor of the Adopt an Escargot Project
Jonathan Jeter  Spanish teacher in Texas. Site includes javascript vocabulary review.
Pete Jones  French Teacher in Pickering, Canada. Increase student-student interaction in your high school French class with small group cooperative learning strategies. Move from a teacher directed to a student centered class! Also visit his  "Links to French Chateaux". Pete has recently compiled links for holidays for teachers of Modern Languages. Visit his pages for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween!
Heidi Kinsley a former high school teacher and now a grad student in Spanish / Hispanic literature, Heidi has created a resource for anyone looking for an easy to navigate page of literature links.  Great for upper level Spanish students!
Dianne Krause a French teacher at Wissahickon High School in PA has created a beautifully organized page for her students.
Art Lader Maintains K12 German Teacher Resources
Paul Lanciaux  French/Spanish teacher in Massachussetts.  The homepage, designed for students enrolled in his classes and their
parents, includes current course descriptions, expectations, grading system, students' homework assignments, teacher bio and WWW references for student use.
Bev Larson   A  French teacher  at Olentangy HS in Ohio.  Site inlcudes links for students and teachers.  Bev also maintains a list of FLTEACH member web pages.
Richard Lee High School Spanish teacher in Indiana
Grace Lewis A Spanish teacher in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Grace's site includes links for her Spanish I, II, and III classes. (dead link)
David Marlow teaches Spanish I, II IV and AP at Parkersburg High School in West Virginia. His page includes an interactive bulletin board, chat room, homework links and diary.
Pamela J Mass French Teacher/District FL Lead Teacher Wilson Junior High, Council Bluffs, IA
Cynthia Moore Spanish teacher in Virginia, she teachers Middle School and High School classes.
Susan J. MitchellMiddle & High School Spanish teacher located in Wisconsin. Site contains useful Spanish and teaching links.
Paul Narkiewicz  Located in Massachusetts, Paul has included very good hispanic and francophone media links
Marilyn NathansonHigh School Spanish teacher in Michigan. Site contains class homepages and links for Spanish.
Cecilia Newkirk Spanish teacher at Clyde Boyd Jr. High School in Oklahoma.
Joyce Notarnicola  A French teacher at Catskill High School, Catskill, New York.  Her web page contains info about herself, classes, an exchange program called the PEACE program, links to other french sites, link to homework assignments, as well as a page by her french IV & V students.
Lynn Nuthals  A Spanish teacher in Wisconsin, Lynn provides links for food, culture, newspapers and magazines in the Spanish speaking world.
Fiona Orrman Brown  Teacher of Japanese in Western Australia.  Site includes ideas and links to Japanese culture. (dead link)
Duveen Penner  German teacher in Nebraska.  Web site contains information for students and lots of links to German-related sites.
Toni Parry  a Spanish teacher in Baltimore County, MD.  Her page includes links for her classes and also some fun resources for middle school students.  Also, don't miss the Parkville Middle School FL Department Page.
Kristie Placido  Spanish 1 and 2 teacher in East Lansing, Michigan.  Links to TPRS resources, culture, links for FL teachers, and information about her classes. (dead link)
Celian B. Putnam  Located in PA, This site has clusters of web sites for 4 specific FLs, with many suggestions of specific activities (sinulated trips and sites; using newspapers and headlines; projects using web sites etc) for using these in the K-12 FL classroom. (dead link)
Brett ReynoldsESOL teacher at Sakuragaoka Girls Jr. & Sr. High School in Japan.  Site contains great ideas that could be applied to any language.
Ruth Rideout  A site of over 1000 links consisting of such topics as arts, éducation, festivals, géographie, histoire, médias, sports, sujets divers - 15 pages with 12 treasure hunts ready to use with your students.  All in French and all about Canada.
Steve Rosenzweig  Spanish teacher at Niles North High School, Skokie, IL WWW for Spanish teachers --- useful sites for Spanish teachers and their students.
Phyllis Salsedo  Site contains a detailed description of how to build a webqest and share your activities with other teachers.
Suzy Seraphine-Kimel Maintains EspanOlé for her students at Astronaut High School in Brevard County, Florida.
Mary SullivanA French teacher located in West Virginia, Mary has created a great page for her French students!
Sr. Wagner  A Spanish teacher and M.E.Ch.A. (El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán) advisor in California.  This is a well-developed site with excellent pages for Latino music, Chicano/Latino culture, Spanish translators, Spanish-English dictionaries, student favorites, U.S. and Latin American search engines, Spanish teacher resources, health education, college and universities, and more!
Debora Zerneri A French teacher in Merrimack, NH.  Debora's site includes links for her Spanish I, French I, II, III and IV classes.  She has also included German, Latin and general language links.


University Level
Gary Aitken Developer of an electronic workbook, designed to accompany '¡Arriba!', an introductory Spanish textbook published by
Prentice Hall.  The program provides a game-like environment containing some 800, full-colour drawings which invite
students to participate in highly-contextualized language activities.
Juan-Ramón de Arana  Author of Spanish Language Exercises at Ursinus College
Jim Becker maintains a list of online Spanish resources as well as a link to  Más arriba, an electronic workbook designed to accompany the second edition of ¡Arriba! Comunicación y cultura
Inge DiBella  German Professor at Rice University. Includes web-based teaching units for German.
Jeri H. Dies  Department of Modern Foreign Languages, Georgia College & State University
Eva Easton This site includes info about learning & teaching on the Internet, Business English and ESL materials for teachers as well as links for independent travelers. There are also links to learning other languages such as Russian, Chinese, German, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, & Latin.
Jean LeLoup FLTEACH co-moderator, Jean has links to several of her excellent web based projects on this page.
Beverly Leetch Spanish professor at Towson University in Maryland
Steve McCarty Bilingualism and biculturalism academic activities listed in Japanese and English with photos of the TEFL situation at a college in Japan.
Valerie McGinley Marshall  Tulane University, Latin American Curriculum Resource Center. Contains a listing of lending library materials that are available for short term loan to instructors at the university, high school and middle school level. There is also a listing of upcoming events, relevant sites in foreign languange ed and Latin American studies.
Montserrat Mir  publishes FL newsletter at Illinois State University.  Includes links to favorite teacher pages!
Assunta Montes de Oca de MarshallSite contains Destinos discussions, Student Projects, Holidays in Spanish speaking countries, Trabalenguas, Learning with Spanish songs, ESL links, and Recipes.
Barbara Kuczun Nelson Teacher and coordinator of the introductory Spanish courses at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Check out her phenomenal Spanish Grammar Exercises.
Tennesee Bob Peckham  The infamous TBOB, located at the University of Tennessee-Martin, web master extraordinaire and the creator of EXTENSIVE sites for FL learning & teaching.
Pat Pecoy Director of the Language Resource Center at Furman University. Wonderful resources for web based activities and french links. Also if you are looking for help in mastering technology, check out her Teachers' Aides page; an excellent resource for anyone delving in to the world of technology!
Robert PonteriorFrench professor at SUNY Cortland, N.Y. Co-Moderator of the FLTEACH listserv.
Richard Shryock Associate Professor of French, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Andrea Staehlin European Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
Linda Thalman Volterre-Fr English & French Language Resources
Mary-Anne Vetterling  professor of Spanish at Regis College, Weston, MA (AP Table Leader, Member of Executive Council of AATSP).  Site includes a page for Juan Ruiz's Libro de buen amor, with links of interest.
Mark West Assistant Professor of French at Pittsburg State University. Site includes links to multimedia, French art, music, humor, press, as well as interactive java quizzes and hyperstudio presentations.


Michael Anderson
Nicholas Crowder Resource and link page of information about Spanish and Latin America. Includes a comprehensive listing of Spanish schools in Latin America and Spain.
Peter Klein  Author of a very helpful site for those pesky verb conjugations:  "The Conjugation Trainer"
Lauren Rosen  Instructor Services Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Language Links was developed as a resource for Langauge Instructors and includes both a pedagogical page and many pages of language resources.
Jackie Tanner  Director of Foreign Language Technology, CBB Mellon Project.  The CBB consortium web page provides an introduction to basic links for students and teachers by language and teaching resources.It is not a definite list but a starting point or reference for those with little experience using the web. The teaching resources page offers a variety of on-line journal links, examples of good web pages, on-line articles about using technology in the classroom, and on-line information about designing a new language or media facility. Images of the renovated facilities at Colby,Bates and Bowdoin are also available from this page.
Susan Osborn A Middle School French Teacher in Issaquah, Washington (suburb of Seattle) who has formed her own company and takes groups to France.
Poster Pals  has been in the business of designing, producing and distributing Quality French Language Teaching Materials since 1981. Their products have been tested and are being used by teaching professionals in classrooms across Canada, Great Britain, the USA and around the world

Elementary Level
Penny Fields K-6 Teaching Foreign Language & Consultant
Stephen Jaddock Smith-Jackson Ukrainian Bilingual School, Dauphin, MB. Canada    Smith-Jackson School offers 50% of instruction in the Ukrainian language.  The students are involved in a wide range of activities that promote language development and cultural appreciation.  I am involved in developing a web site for Ukrainian teachers and students which will incorporate sharing of ideas among Ukrainian Bilingual Educators and student activities which will be performed using the Ukrainian language.
Doug Shivers  Teacher in Oregon, author of Juegos y Canciones - teachers describe their favorite lessons for teaching Spanish in the elementary school.  Noticias del jardin de ninos:  Newsletters in Spanish from his classroom.
Julie Vickery  Author of the ESL Playhouse, which offers classroom-tested, kid-approved games, songs, crafts, fingerplays, and other activities for use with young English language learners.  She also has a site called The Holiday Zone which is not for ESL/EFL students and teachers only, but includes language activities for every holiday as well as reading comprehension exercises and discussion topics.


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