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Bais Menachem Chabad Jewish Student Center
Rabbi Eli Backman, Director
7403 Hopkins Avenue
College Park, MD 20740

Our Mission

    Chabad's purpose is to bring Jewish traditions in a fun and educational style, to the students of University of Maryland.

    Chabad - Lubavitch is a Chassidic movement. It is based on the philosophy of "Chabad", an abbreviation of three hebrew words which stands for understanding and knowing what and why we do what we do. An integral part of Yiddishkeit - Judaism - is that we do and fulfill the Mitzvot - commandments and traditions, that Hashem - G-d - has given us. Each of us is given a divine life source -Neshama-, charging us with the ability to transform and stand above the world and its challenges. Teaching us that everything in this world has the potential of being used in a positive and good manner. Bearing this in mind, Chabads programs and activities are designed in a fun and down to earth fashion, to be able to inspire everyone to do their part.

    Chabad at U.M.C.P. is one of over 35 centers on college campus, and over 100 community centers worldwide! All the centers based on the philosophy, that every Jew no matter what status they may be or to what affiliation they belong is part of the Jewish people. Each of us having a Neshama -soul- brings us together in a relationship that exists above and beyond what ever we may do.

Our Center

    The Bais Menachem Chabad Jewish Student Center is exactly that, a Student Center! A Center where you can come to socialize, study, experience, and enjoy all that Judaism has to offer! Whether you attend one of our Friday night Shabbat Onegs (parties), Chanukah or Purim celebrations, or study groups, you will find Jewish life and tradition presented in a good ol Heimeshe way!

    At Chabad we do not stop there, our programs and activities happen all around campus, not just at our center! We have Shabbat meals at Fraternities and Sororities, Holiday tables in the Student Union and Dining Halls, a Sukkah on Wheels traveling all around the campus, and have even rented out the "Vous" for a Purim Happy Hour with Megilah reading! You will soon start to see that Chabad is there for you where ever you are!

    Look for the Shabbat candle lighting times in the Friday Diamondback and on the "Whats around UMCP" weekly schedule. We even have our very own "Cliff" notes on the different Holidays.

    So, Join us Shabbat dinner or if you need a Menorah or Dreidel or a reference for your school work or a place to hang out, or anything Jewish or just an ear to talk to, Chabad is your number!

    Check out our photo gallery and see for yourself some of our exciting projects.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person.


Eli & Nechama

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