The Phantom Gunslinger

aka El Pistolero Fantasma

[Famous Players International-Sagitario Films, 1967]

Director: Albert Zugsmith; Screenplay: Albert Zugsmith, Blair Robertson; Photography: Gabriel Figueroa

CAST: Troy Donahue (Phil), Sabrina (Margie), Elizabeth Campbell (Cookie), Emilio Fernández (sheriff), Carlos Rivas (Big Sam), Germán Robles (Cold Steele, the Devil), Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (Algernon) , Billy Frick, Carlos Riquelme, René Ruiz "Tun Tun," Stillman Segar, Ellen Cole

NOTES: This was one of Albert Zugsmith's two Mexican-made films (The Chinese Room was the other). Both pictures feature Mexican performers who spoke English, although The Phantom Gunslinger also brought in a few Hollywood and international actors (Donahue, Sabrina, Billy Frick). Both films were produced in English-language and Spanish-language versions, although the extent of their U.S. theatrical release is not known (García Riera says The Phantom Gunslinger was never released in the U.S.).

UPDATE!! This film has now been released in the USA on DVD, and has been shown on cable TV (in Spanish).

For a detailed synopsis and review of this film, go to The Mexican Film Bulletin.

Zugsmith's post-Hollywood career has not been very well documented. After he dropped out of the mainstream industry in the early 1960s, Zugsmith made a number of obscure independent "adults-only" pictures before traveling to Mexico for these two productions. These films do not appear in most English-language film references and the material on Zugsmith's activities in this era is very sparse.

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