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  • My CV and stuff about me me me
  • The Films of El Santo
  • Nuyorican Cinema and Filmmakers
  • Campbell/Chabot/Linder, Juan López Moctezuma, Alberto Isaac, etc.
  • The Mexican Film Bulletin NOW AVAILABLE AS A PDF FILE DOWNLOAD (beginning December 2006)

    Who am I and why am I here?

    The Films of El Santo (since 1996!)

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    Nuyorican Cinema

  • Nuyorican Cinema Introduction
  • Glauco del Mar
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    Sites Dedicated to Individual Films, Specific Genres, or People/h2>

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    The Mexican Film Bulletin

    A newsletter containing news, articles, and film reviews about motion pictures produced in Mexico. Now in our 18th year. "...great articles on the history and theory of the movies...a fascinating topic too often ignored by film buffs and moviegoers...a welcome change of pace." writes FACTSHEET FIVE. "Takes a serious, well rounded look at Mexican cinema and always has great rare ads, news, reviews, and filmographies." PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO MAGAZINE

    Current issue available ONLINE (in .pdf format)!!! (beginning December 2006) .

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