Sources for Mexican Film Posters and Videos

Please note: this page is provided as a public service for those interested in obtaining Mexican movie material. I am not affiliated in a business way with any of the people or companies listed on this page.

Rogelio Agrasánchez Jr. is an archivist, the son of a Mexican movie producer and distributor, and has an extensive collection of posters, photographs, and some videos. Material from his collection is frequently featured in exhibitions and books on Mexican cinema. Inquire about specific posters, genres, or stars. See his the Agrasánchez Film Archive website or email him: Rogelio Agrasánchez Jr., 2321 Riverside Dr, Harlingen, TX 78550-8245. FAX 956-412-7556

For an article about Rogelio's first poster book and some nice reproductions of Mexican film posters, go here (The Austin Chronicle).

Freddy Peralta has a large number of old, rare Mexican film posters. He has also put on several exhibitions of film posters from the "Golden Age" of Mexican cinema. Ask for his poster list. He ALSO has Mexican lobby cards for U.S. films, so inquire about these if you are interested, and he has just started to sell Mexican movies on video (including some very rare titles).

Freddy's website and his email: Freddy Peralta, 2214 Austin St, McAllen, TX 78501. (956)686-5322; FAX (956) 687-9112

Brian Moran is the publisher (from time to time) of a magazine entitled Santo Street, which covers Mexican fantasy films and Mexican masked-hero films. He also has a lot of videos in this area, and a huge collection of posters, lobby cards, toys, and so on. Contact him for information on Santo Street subscriptions and for his memorabilia and video lists.

Check out Brian Moran's Santo Street Page, with lists of much of the material he has for sale (plus some nice photos), or you can write to him at PO Box 196215, Winter Springs, FL 32719.

I have dealt with all of these people and can recommend them for their honesty and the quality of their materials. Please tell them that you found their name/address on my web page. Anyone who has other good sources for posters or videos, please feel free to email me with information.

Some Other Places to Look

Mexican movie lobby card collection for sale from Andrés Bermea in Monterrey.

Impact Graphics, which has originals and prints (they sell originals on eBay).

Posterazzi, URL updated July 2005. They have a very large collection of Mexican lobby cards for Mexican, U.S., and foreign films.

The Reign Trading Company, located in California, has a website with some illustrations of Mexican lobby cards. They sell posters and lobbies, but you need to inquire for specifics. I have never dealt with them, but one source says they have a good selection, and another source says their prices are steep. Only YOU can decide!

Carlos Mantica Jr.'s Poster Page: he has posters from Mexican and Hollywood films, with more categories coming.

As with all business dealings, I urge you to comparison shop among ALL of the above dealers. Mexican movie material is not as common as Hollywood paper, but on the other hand the market for it is much more limited. Pay what you feel is right for material you want, but these posters will never have the "investment" value that Hollywood posters do.

Video Tapes (in addition to the usual, "mainstream" sources like and :

Compañía Oxxo : this company has a NEW website which is an online store that allows you to directly purchase any of the over 400 titles in their inventory. Their catalog includes many classic titles (mostly from the 1970s and later) and a number of excellent new films, in addition to many "commercial" movies. REVISED MARCH 2003.

Noda Audio-Visual is located at PO Box 24, Loveland, CO 80539-0024. Phone: 970-532-3600. FAX: 970-532-7352. Email: They have a very large inventory of Spanish-language films on tape, including Mexican and Spanish films, Hollywood movies dubbed/subtitled, documentaries, childrens' films, etc. They even handle some tapes which I thought were only available in Mexico. Apparently no website at this point, but you can contact them with inquiries.

Videos J.G.: Mexican distributor of videos (a large catalog, mostly recent action films and comedies, some classics).

Video Library: rentals and sales of videos. Includes some hard-to-find titles like "Chac, the Rain God." Very large overall collection of non-Mexican films on tape.

Laguna Films: from this link you can also access Azteca Pictures, Condor Pictures, and Cristal Pictures (all related companies). These companies release a variety of films on video, from the 1940s to new "videohomes." Prices vary, but Laguna's line (mostly older stuff) is priced at $14.95. A wide selection and Laguna has recently been releasing some excellent older movies.

The JPR Record Club also carries CDs, cassettes, and videotapes. They have good selection of "rumbera" films (and others), and I have purchased from them, so I can recommend them for their service and selection.

Spanish Multimedia, formerly Madera. VERY large collection of videos but a little pricey. However, if they have something you REALLY need and can't get anywhere else, it might be worth it. Note: they do handle titles from Laguna and elsewhere, but at an additional markup.

GC Films: company which sells a lot of music videos and rodeo videos, but also has some "classic" films for sale. These are pre-records.

PicPal has a list of Mexican films for sale in a searchable database. A friendly company, but they are a middle-man so they (and your order) are at the mercy of the distributors (this is the same with and other "mainstream" dealers; at least the PicPal people are nice about it). However, I can recommend them for their service and good attitude.

Son Cubano, which has mostly Cuban movies on video, but some of these are fairly rare Mexican-Cuban coproductions. This link takes you to their search page.

Creepy Classics Video, sells videos, DVDs, and copies of "Santoscene" magazine. This link goes right to their Mexican movie selection.

Video Screams has a page of Mexican films (horror movies, mostly) on video tape. These are not pre-records but the prices aren't too bad. I have never dealt with them.

Trash Palace has a selection of Mexican videos for sale, mostly fantasy (wrestling, horror, etc.) oriented (and they also have many non-Mexican, but still neat, videos). This is their new url and takes you to their main page. Also a source for posters, lobby cards, etc.

World Artists, a company which has a small but choice selection of videos, including Arturo Ripstein's El lugar sin límites. Also books and other information on film.

Facets Video sells and rents movies; they have about 75 Mexican titles in their catalog, a wide variety ranging from classics and dubbed horror movies, to recent "serious" pictures.

One World Films sells videos from many different countries, including some from Mexico. (also check the "Spain" list since there are some Mexican films and co-productions listed there).

Aztec Pit of Blood (!): Mexican site (in English) which sells a variety of tapes (dupes).

Movies Unlimited has a huge selection of titles, but not too many Mexican movies. They do have some horror films, etc., so their site is worth looking at.

Libros Sin Fronteras has books, cassettes, and videos. Their video collection includes some rare titles but their prices are rather high.

World of Reading sells books and videos in foreign languages and has some Mexican material.

Meridian Video has a selection of Mexican and other Spanish-language films.

The Latin American Video Archives has a collection of tapes. Although heavily weighted towards non-fiction, they also have a number of features (mostly art films, independent films, "high-class" films, etc. I.e., no sexy-comedies or lucha libre pictures, but there are plenty of places to find those).

My Bodega, which has a video section with a number of "high-class" movies, including Buñuel, etc. Not cheap, though.

VideoMexFilm (Alberto Bouyat, in France). Extensive list.

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