The Thrir Venstri Foetr Dance List

We usually have around 35 performance dances plus the teaching dances in our repertoire. Since it is unreasonable to expect newer dancers to learn that many different dances, some of the dances have been divided into levels. Teaching Dances are the simplest dances, everyone in the troupe is expected to be able to do them, they are the audience participation dances. Level 1 are the simpler dances that follow a well defined pattern. Level 2 dances are slightly more complex. Level 3 dances are very complex and/or do NOT follow the standard patterns. Many of the dances below are marked with a rating. The year/source is also being added (slowly). Playford refers to The English Dancing Master by John Playford, Orchesography refers to the book of that title by Arbeau and is a collection of French dances.

Due to the increasing popularity and interest in period dancing, there are web pages available on these dances. If you have others that should be included in this list, please email thrirvenstrifoetr (AT) gmail [DOT] com

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