Act I, Scene I

[Enter] VENUS, and CUPID with her, in her temple, her PRIESTS attending her.

Cupid, methinks we have too long been still,
And that these people grow to scorn our will.
Mercy to those ungrateful breeds neglect;
Then let us grow our greatness to respect,
Make them acknowledge that our heavenly power
Cannot their strength, but even themselves, devour;
Let them not smile and laugh because thine eyes
Are covered, as if blind, or love despise.
No, thou that scare shalt from thine eyes take off,
Which gave them cause on thee to make this scoff. [10]
Thou shalt discern their hearts, and make them know
That humble homage unto thee they owe;
Take thou the shaft which headed is with steel
And make them bow whose thoughts did lately reel;
Make them thine own, thou who didst me once harm,
Cannot forget the fury of that charm;
Wound them, but kill them not, so may they live
To honour thee, and thankfulness to give;
Shun no great cross which may their crosses breed,
But yet, let blessed enjoying them succeed. [20]
Grief is sufficient to declare thy might,
And in thy mercy glory will shine bright.
Mother, I will no cross, no harm, forbear,
Of jealousy for loss, of grief or fear,
Which may my honour touched again repair;
But with their sorrows will my glory rear.
Friends shall mistrust their friends, lovers mistake,
And all shall for their folly woes partake;
Some shall love much, yet shall no love enjoy,
Others obtain, when lost is all their joy. [30]
This will I do, your will and mind to serve,
And to your triumph will these rites preserve.
Then shall we have again our anicent glory;
And let this called be ‘Love’s Victory’.
Triumphs upon their travels shall ascend,
And yet most happy ere they come to end.
Joy and enjoying some shall be set,
Sorrow on others caught by Cupid’s net.

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