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Friday, 6 February, 2004
Articles I didn't fall asleep to while reading.

I have a large number of open pages on my browser all of which I think I intended to write about, I will fall back to the sufficient of simply mentioning them now that they are two or three weeks old - kicking it Robot Wisdom style. All of this for the small chance you may not have run across these yet. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Wonderchicken Stavros compares Blogs to punk rock. I tried to do that for about a year I could never convince anybody of the metaphor. Somebody asked me though why I called the last post "and the Lash"; because of what Neel was supposed to do for the camaign and because the painting "Raft of the Medusa was the cover to the Pogues album Rum Sodomy and the Lash. Now some of you are thinking: do I consider the Pogues punk rock? Yes, naturally, but I also think the Mekons are punk rock, so you'll get no sense out of me.
Bilmon's experience at Davos, Davos Discovers the Blogs, indicates no one there has any idea what web logs are either. They are like color commentary to a ball game you can't see.

If ou haven't seen it, Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall has a good overview of of the oppurtunism and shallowness of the new -- new world order the Neoconservatives are trying to chickenwire together in the New Yorker. Power Rangers. I was looking at one of the books he mentions in that article Chalmers Johnson's new book Sorrows of Empire, yesterday. It and Frum and Perle's book An end to war came to the library in the same shipment, that's irony for you. Maybe David Brooks thinks that there is no such thing as a policy influencing neoconservative but the dust jacket to this book doesn't think so

David Frum and Richard Perle are two of Washington's most influential insiders. Their words have steered the direction of American foreign policy. In An End to Evil Frum and Perle revel their blueprint for what could be the Bush administration's agenda in the war on terrorism
This is followed by a bulleted list of particulars which includes Regard Saudi Arabia and France not as friends but as rivals-maybe enemies.... squeeze China, and blockade North Korea.... Abandon the illusion that a Palestinian state will contribute in any important way to U.S. security. Chalmers Johnson's book and Marshall's piece point out that this take no prisoners, make no friends approach may not be contributing to U.S. security either.

Robert Kuttner's, article America as a One-Party State, in The American Prospect is worth reading. He isn't the only one saying this. The republican party is playing a new game in American politics. A game that only allows one victor. If they succeed in breaking the two party state it may not be they victory they imagine.

Arundhati Roy, author of "The God of Small Things" and "Power Politics" gave a speech at the world social forum in mumbai back on 16 Jan The New American Century which alternet has reprinted. I was impressed by the anger expressed and profound mistrust in the speech. Roy came under criticism last year, criticism of the 'writers should just stick to making up their little stories" type.
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