New Initiatives in Chemical Education

An On-Line Symposium, June 3 to July 19, 1996

Sponsored by the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society. Organized by Donald Rosenthal, Department of Chemistry , Clarkson University, and by Tom O'Haver, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Maryland at College Park. Technical support from the Computer Science Center, University of Maryland at College Park, Jennifer Fajman, Acting Director.


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Internet addresses

The abstracts, papers, and other information for this symposium are available at:

Technical Program and Schedule

April 8 to June 1: Participants will register for the Symposium

June 1, 1996: Papers will be made available for Session 1

June 3 - June 7: Short Questions for Papers 1 to 5 (Submitted by Conference registrants.). (Paper 1 on Monday, Paper 2 on Tuesday, etc.)

June 10 and 11: Discussion of Paper 1.
What is AAAS Project 2061? Why should Chemists Care?

June 12 and 13: Discussion of Paper 2.
The Role of Representations in Problem Solving in Chemistry
June 14 and 17: Discussion of Paper 3.
The Role of Molecular Structure and Modeling in General Chemistry
June 18 and 19: Discussion of Paper 4.
Development and Delivery of Chemical Education Hypermedia Using the World-Wide Web
June 20 and 21: Discussion of Paper 5.
What Should a Chemical Education Journal Be in an Age of Electronic Information?
June 22: Papers for Session 2 will be available

June 24 - June 28: Short Questions for Papers 6 to 9

July 1 and 2: Discussion of Paper 6.
Recent Applications of Hyperactive Chemistry and the World-Wide-Web

July 3 and 8: Discussion of Paper 7.
Networked Instructional Chemistry
July 9 and 10: Discussion of Paper 8.
Personalizing the Large General Chemistry Lecture Experience
July 11 and 12: Discussion of Paper 9.
Use of the Internet in Teaching Chemical Information Sources
July 15 - July 19: General Discussion and Evaluation

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Technical Stuff

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Department of Chemistry            Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Clarkson University                University of Maryland
Potsdam NY 13699-5810              College Park MD 20742
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