Technology Workshop Handouts


Here is a collection of handouts from various workshops and training presentations given by Tom and Mary O'Haver. Last updated September, 2009. There is also a Czech translation.
Introduction to Digital Photography (2009) Using Simple Templates to Produce Web-Publishable Classroom Multimedia Projects (2008) Digital Imaging: Acquiring, Enhancing, & Using Digital Images with Picasa and Paint Shop Pro X (2006)

Digital Sound and Music (2006)

Improve Your Image: Introduction to Digital Imaging Technology with Paint Shop Pro Studio (2005) Locating and Evaluating Information on the Internet (2005) Computer-based Manipulatives (2001) "When Dragons eat the Sun" (2001) "In Living Color" (2001) Simulations and Computer Models in the Classroom (2000) Digital Image Literacy (2001) Putting Kid Pix SlideShows on the Web (1998) Better Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web (2000) Making a Web Project with the Class Projects Templates (2001-2004) Reference Table of HTML Tags An Introductory HTML Tutorial How to Make a Web Page from scratch, using only a text editor and a web browser Classroom Multimedia Production with Hypercard(1995) Viewing, Compressing, and Processing Images with Graphic Converter (1995)

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