Digital Imaging: Acquiring, Enhancing, & Using Digital Images.

Last revised April, 2006
Presented by Tom and Mary O'Haver
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Brief Course Description

Selecting a digital camera. Using Windows to download pictures from a digital camera, organize photo files, print your pictures, send pictures via email, copy pictures to CD-R. Using a scanner to scan prints. Installing and using Picasa 2. Installing Paint Shop Pro X at home. Rotating, cropping, sharpening, adjusting brightness and contrast, setting exact photo size for print-outs, color correction, recovering faded and dark photos, "one-step photo fix". Using Paint Shop Pro to repair old and damaged photos; redeye removal; printing several pictures on one page; selective adjustment to portions of a photo. Adding text labels and captions to photos; importing images into other computer programs; making a photo collage; artistic and creative effects. Free Web-based photo album sites. Introduce Shutterfly on line (uploading your pictures to a website for free so that others can view them). Using layers: how to cut out a portion of one photo to paste into another photo. Making slideshows of still images. Making video slide shows to show on TV with a DVD player. Introduce creative projects to do (newsletter, greeting card, etc.); HP website projects.

This course can be given as one 6-hour workshop, two 3-hour workshops, or as 6 or 7 two-hour classes.

The complete set of current workshop handouts are available here in PDF format: Section A (6 pages) ; Section B (11 pages) ; Section C (7 pages) ; Section D (2 pages) ; Section E (4 pages) ; Section F (5 pages) .

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