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Reference Table of Simple HTML Tags

Last updated April, 1999
line break       <br>
paragraph break  <p>
rule             <hr>                    Draws a horizontal line across page
Headings         <h3>example</h3>                 h1=largest; h6=smallest
Centering        <center>example</center>               example
Indented         <ul>example</ul>                   example
Preformatted     <pre>     </pre>      

boldface         <b>example</b>                   example
Italic           <i>example </i>                  example
bold italic      <i><b>example</i></b>            example
larger font      <FONT SIZE="+1">example</FONT>   example
larger font      <FONT SIZE="+2">example</FONT>   example
smaller font     <FONT SIZE="-1">example</FONT>   example
Large letter     <FONT SIZE="+3">E</FONT>xample   Example
subscript        H<sub>2</sub>O                   H2O
superscript      cm<sup>2</sup>                   cm2
Symbol font      <font face="symbol;">abcde</font>  abcde
Color text        <font color="#ff0000">example</font>  example

Inline graphics

   Display sun.gif           <img src="sun.gif">             
   Graphic on right          <img align=right src="sun.gif"> 
   Graphic on left           <img align=left src="sun.gif">  
   Display centered image    <center><img src="sun.gif"></center> 
   Graphic in folder         <img src="folder/sun.gif">     
   Display image.jpg         <img src="image.jpg">
   Graphic as hyperlink      <a href="page.html"><img src="sun.gif"></a>


Link to page.html in same directory:
<a href="page.html">LINK TEXT</a>

Link to page.html stored in subdirectory "directoryname":
<a href="directoryname/page.html">LINK TEXT</a>

Link to page.html in higher-level directory:
<a href="../page.html">LINK TEXT</a>

"Absolute" reference to another server (e.g. The White House):
<a href="">The White House</a>

"Absolute" reference to a specific page on another server:
<a href="">Tom O'Haver's Home Page</a>

Link to page.html with sun.gif as a graphic hyperlink:
<a href="page.html"><img src="sun.gif"></a>

Link to sound file "" (or movie file ""):
<a href="">LINK TEXT</a> (or "")

Imbeded controller for sound files:
<embed src="" width=144 height=30 autostart=false>

"Mailto" link to send email to a specified email address:
<a href="">Send email to Tom O'Haver</a>

In each of the above, LINK TEXT is the underlined blue text that you click on.

Indented lists

Bulleted list:
  <li>first item
  <li>second item
Ordered (auto-numbered) list:
  <li>first item
  <li>second item


     <TH></TH>            <TH>Column heading</TH> <TH>Column heading</TH> 
     <TH>Row heading</TH> <TD>cell contents</TD>  <TD>cell contents</TD>
     <TH>Row heading</TH> <TD>cell contents</TD>  <TD>cell contents</TD>
Simply Copy and Paste this template, adding rows and columns as needed, and replacing "Column heading", "Row heading", and "cell contents" with your own contents.

Background and text colors


000000 = black           ffffff = white          404040 = dark gray
808080 = medium gray     B0B0B0 = light gray     ff0000 = red
ff8080 = pink            00ff00 = green          80ff80 = pale green
0000ff = blue            8080ff = pale blue      ffff00 = yellow
ffff80 = pale yellow     ff00ff = magenta        00ffff = cyan
800080 = purple          401000 = brown          ff7000 = orange

Background patterns

To use xxxx.gif as background pattern, replace <BODY> tag with:
<BODY background="xxxx.gif">

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