Improve Your Image: Acquiring, Enhancing, & Using Digital Images.

Last revised November, 2005
Presented by Tom and Mary O'Haver

Brief Course Description

Part 1: Basic Digital Photography Review of computer basics, choosing a digital camera, downloading pictures from your digital camera, organizing your photo files, printing your pictures, sending pictures via email, copying pictures to a CD-R disk, basic photo editing with Paint Shop Pro, correcting common photographic flaws, choosing and using a scanner, how to send photos on the Internet using Shutterfly.

Part 2: Advanced Digital Photography Review of basics, overview of tools in Paint Shop Pro, adding text labels, artistic and creative effects, creating a photo collage, how to make multi-layer images, automating repetitive actions, making your digital still images into video slide shows to watch on TV, using clip art, importing images into other applications, scanning cartoons and logos, color extraction, colorizing black and white photos.

This course can be given as one 6-hour workshop, two 3-hour workshops, or as 6 or 7 two-hour classes.

Contents of the workshop CD-ROM (version 20)

Handouts for Part 1 (Basic Digital Photography)

Handouts for Part 2 (Advanced Digital Photography)

Pictures, software, and Interent Links

Where to download the latest versions of graphic software:


For Teachers

Other Material on the CD-ROM:

QuickTimeInstaller.exe: Quicktime 5 for Windows. Use this to install Macintosh-compatible video and sound capabilities into your Windows PCand Web browser.

NoteTab_Setup.exe: Installer for NoteTab Light, a freeware multi-file text editor useful for editing templates. It allows all the files in a template to be opened at once and performs search and replace functions within all the files of one template simultaneously. Great for changing background and text color throughout an entire template, adding image and sound links, or changing graphic or sound file types. Instructions for use are in NoteTab on this CD .

picasa-google-free.exe: Installer the Picasa, a free photo program that finds all the photos on your computer. Double click picasa-google-free.exe to install and keep clicking Next until the installation is finished. Instructions for use are in Picasa Photo 2 Organizer on this CD.Background patterns. A folder containing some background patterns to add to your Web pages. See the ReadMe file in that folder for instructions.

Alternative navigation arrows. A folder containing some alternatives to the normal navigation arrows. See the ReadMe file in that folder for instructions.

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