Thrir Venstri Fœtr

(Three Left Feet)
Thrir Venstri Fœtr is a dance group and band organized to recreate and explore medieval music and renaissance music and dance, concentrating primarily on English Country Dance. The name Thrir Venstri Fœtr is Old Norse for "Three Left Feet," and the group is known by the English version of its name as well as the Norse. We are based in the Washington, DC area and have performed at many different events including the St. Martin's Church 12th Night Celebration and the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival, Washington Revels's May Fair (1991-1998), the Maryland Renaissance Festival (1990-1999), and the Battle of Hastings put on by Markland, a few Faerie Festivals, as well as assorted holiday parties and weddings. We have performed for festivals and fairs, weddings, and "living history" demonstrations at schools.

We rehearse at the Storvik fighter practice and if we have to cancel we post it to our list. A list of our dances (with links to steps for several dances) and the basic figures.

We teach simple dances in many of our performances. We also teach the more complex dances to people who come to rehearsals and are interested in learning. If we are in the midst of working toward a major performance (such as the Renaissance Festival), we may not have as much time for teaching. Many of the movements and patterns in the dances are repeated across several dances and it is possible to see the evolution of the dances from early English to Contra to American Square dances. Unlike some dance styles, the basic footwork is fairly simple (e.g. two steps forward and two steps backwards, hop to the left, hop to the right, turn in place) when compared to Scottish, Highland, Irish, Clogs, etc., however, the patterns of the dancers interweaving are what can make it challenging. The group has a listserv for members. If you are not yet on the list and are a member (or are in the process of joining the group), feel free to subscribe by sending email to (remove the obvious words in an attempt to slow the spam/virus invasion of recent days) and one of the moderators will respond to verify your identity. The list is for the use of the group to discuss inner workings of the group, stylistic points, and announcements of upcoming events or other information for the good of the order.

We have guidelines on the costumes (garb) we wear but since many of the members of the group have been doing recreation work for years, there is usually plenty of loaner garb as well as people who are willing and able to assist with any garb questions. There are others who will take your measurements and make your garb for you if that is your preference, with appropriate inducements (chocolate, money, backrubs) according to their preference. As of January 1999, we will have 1066 garb, 14th century garb, and Renaissance garb (centered around Henry Tudor).

For booking information, questions, or if you're interested in joining us (as a musician or a dancer), Thrir Venstri Foetr can be contacted through Fred Blonder 301-390-4089 who is our Dance Master. Or send email to thrirvenstrifoetr (AT) gmail [DOT] com -- address is set up in an attempt to slow the influx of spam/viruses to my account.