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Archaeoastronomy Publications

Archaeoastronomy Organizations and Conferences

  • ISAAC is the International Society of Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Cultures

  • SEAC is the European Society for Astronomy in Culture.

  • SEAC meets usually once a year to share current research projects and news with members.

  • INSAP, the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomenon, have a triennial (or so) conference to present papers on the many and variegated cultural impacts of the perceptions about the day- and night-time sky.

  • The 'Oxford' Conferences on Archaeoastronomy were also a triennial set of meetings that have focused on the role that astronomical phenomena have played in human societies.

Native American/ MesoAmerican Archaeoastronomy

  • The Maya Astronomy Page A site on everything you ever wanted to know about what we have learned from the Maya Codices.

  • Intijalsu, amateur archaeoastronomers in Chile, who study the astronomical significances of archaeological sites in South American, especially Chile.

  • Native American Star Knowledge contains wonderful tales and myths about the celestial objects and events plus good information about medicine wheels.

  • Chaco Astronomy

  • Turtle Mountain online exhibit and interpretation of the work of John Eddy in southwestern Manitoba.

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