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Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News

This is the online archive of past Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy News. We've come a long way since the first days of its publication twelve years ago. The A&E News was the four page printed newsletter of the Center for Archaeoastronomy and ISAAC. From 1991 through 1999, the A&E newsletter provided subscribers with the latest news in archaeoastronomy, including conference dates, new books and web sites, and upcoming events at the Center.

To read features from the dozens of back issues of A & E News, please explore the complete list below or contact Dr. John Carlson at his first initial plus last name at to receive printed back issues of the A&E News (when available).

Past Issues of The Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy News

The following is a complete list of the 34 issues of A&E News. The links take you to some of the essays from those issues.

  • A&E 1: Number 1, September Equinox 1991

        Something New-Something Current (The A&E News format) by David Dearborn and LeRoy Doggett

        Editorial (about the new newsletter) by John Carlson

  • A&E 2: Number 2, December Solstice 1991

        Bridging Disciplines & Falling in Cracks ("How much of our understanding is colored by the formal partitioning of knowledge into disciplines?"), by David Dearborn

  • A&E 3: Number 3, March Equinox 1992

        To the Limits (native american moon watching), by David Dearborn

  • A&E 7: Number 7 March Equinox 1993

        Ethnoastronomy, by Claire (Ginger) Farrer

  • A&E 8: Number 8 June Solstice 1993

        Teaching Archaeoastronomy, by David Dearborn

  • A&E 9: Number 9 September Equinox 1993

        Beyond Alignments, by Ron Hicks

  • A&E 10: Number 10 June Solstice 1992

        Studying Astronomies in Cultures, by Stephen C. McCluskey

  • A&E 11: Number 11 March Equinox 1994

        Cultural Astronomy in Europe, by Stan Iwanisczewski

  • A&E 12: Number 12 June Solstice 1994

        Connections ("As a result, astronomical knowlege is a suitable topic for cross cultural comparisons, and archaeoastronomy is pursued as a means of learning more about how various cultures collect and use that knowlege.") by Dave Dearborn

  • A&E 13: Number 13 September Equinox 1994

        Essay: Archaeoastronomy and Philosophy, by Greg Whitlock, Austin Community College

  • A&E 14: Number 14 December Solstice 1994

        Reflections on Rock Art & Astronomy, by Von Del Chaimberlain, Hansen Planetarium

  • A&E 15: Number 15 March Equinox 1995

        Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy in India, by J McKim Malville

  • A&E 16: Number 16 June Solstice 1995

        Stars and Texts in Arabia, by Dan Varisco

  • A&E 17: Number 17 September Equinox 1995

        Alignments?, by D S P Dearborn

  • A&E 19: Number 19 March Equinox 1996

        The Brush Daub (Subaru and other names for the Pleiades in Japan), by Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara

  • A&E 20: Number 20 June Solstice 1996

        Official Recognition for an Ancient Solar Calendar Site in Scotland, by Euan MacKie

  • A&E 21: Number 21 September Equinox 1996

        Measuring the Size of the World with Tomato Stakes, by Dr. Paul Romani, Kathleen Hackett, and Tamara Kaplan

  • A&E 22: Number 22 March Equinox 1996

        Slavic Star Lore, by Jadran Kale

  • A&E 23: Number 23 June Solstice 1996

        Towards an International Organization, by Clive Ruggles and Steve McClusky

  • A&E 24: Number 24 September Equinox 1996

        The State of Archaeo/ethnoastronomy and the Land of the Bible, by Sara L. Gardner

  • A&E 25: Number 25 March Equinox 1997

        Heliacal Rising: Definitions, Calculations, and Some Specific Cases, by Brad Schaefer

  • A&E 26: Number 26 September Equinox 1997

        Number Systems and Calendars of the Berber Populations of Grand Canary and Tenerife, by Jose Barrios Garca

  • A&E 27: Number 27 March Equinox 1998

        United We Stand: A New Arrangement, by John Carlson, David S. P. Dearborn, Stephen C. McCluskey, Clive L. N. Ruggles

  • A&E 28: Number 28 June Solstice 1998

        Stellar Navigation of the Kerkennah Oslands, Tunisia, by Jarita Holbrook

  • A&E 29: Number 29 September Equinox 1998

        The Study of Ethnoastronomy in Australia, by Philip A. Clarke

  • A&E 30: Number 30 December Solstice 1998

        Sun Marker: A Light and Shadow Laboratory for Archaeoastronomers, by Angela M. Rogers and Von Del Chamberlain

  • A&E 31: Number 31 March Equinox 1999

        Same Time Next Year, by Alane L. Alchorn

  • A&E 32: Number 32 June Solstice 1999

        Sub-Saharan Africa: Cultural Astronomy's Heart of Darkness, by Keith Snedegar

  • A&E 33: Number 33 September Equinox 1999

        The Oxford VI Experience, by Stephen C. McCluskey

  • A&E 34: Number 34 December Solstice 1999

        Earthbound Astronomy in the Eastern US Woodlands, by Alane Alchorn

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